Cup of Coffee


Tall Compact

Horizont was born from the need to respond to new markets, the first compact lowered model, with the option of water tank. 

With attractive design, the simplicity of its lines, gave rise to a modern, functional equipment, with world-class brand components. 

An equipment that maintains the quality and resistance requirements, preserved by Futurete over the years.

Available Colour(s):


Data Sheet

  • 2 removable tables for tall cups steamer with cleaning tips

  • 3 Litres water tank (optional)

  • copper boiler, double welding

  • digital water control (optional)

  • copper and brass tubes, manual welding

  • easy access side panel

Width 565

Depth 500

Height 510

Weight 41

Power 2400W

Tension-Freq. 230W-50Hz

Boiler 7,5

Groups 2

Steamers 2

Water 1